Easy-to-Make Plains Indians Teepee Village



Easy-To Make Plains Indians Teepee Village- Relives The Spirit Of The First Americans!

Teepees, buffalos, campfires and more! They all remind us of the magnificent and disciplined lifestyle of the first native Americans. Now, from briliant creator and writer, A.G Smith, comes this fun packed educational toy/book that will relive the spirits of the magnificent lifestyle of American- historical ancestors!

With this easy to make model of a Indian teepee village , young souls of 5 and up can peep ino the way of life practiced by centuries by tribes that lived in the vast plains of American West! kids will surely love to know the adventure and thrill of how native American lived their simple life!

A Fascinating Teepee Village Right at Your Fingertips!

Here is a fascinating teepee village like the one used by the plains Indian in the mid nineteenth century! Right at your fingertips, experience the excitement and fun it will bring, from creative constructing of the colorful teepees , to seeing the finish and at last the fun of playing it with the interesting components to complete thr teepee village! Prepare yourself for hours of fun playing once you completely set it up!

What Does This Teepee Village Book Includes

The village includes teepees and other features:

  • A herd of buffalo ,
  • A buffalo rug with picture writing on it ,
  • A lone buffalo , a campfire and
  • 20 colorful group and individual figures of Indians in action poses(playing games, hunting, cooking, etec.)
  • 4 small teepees and 1 large teepee.
  • Bases to go with the action figures, the buffalo and the campfire.
  • Easy and clear instruction

No hassles of making the teepee village, you will just need scissors, white glue like Elmer’s or sobo, sharp or pointed tool for scoring, a ruler or other firm straight edge to score along, ,a spoon or similarsimilar implement to press down the pieces you glue together. Clear and easy instruction is included probably with the adults’ assistance.

Included in this imaginative educational model are five teepees decorated with clan symbols (turtles, bear claws and their design):20 cut out “action” figures featuring Indians individually riding horses , cooking , standing guard,performing ceremonial activities, hunting buffalo and playing games.And in groups- standing , curing fish, playing lacrosse and a lot more!

Printed in full color on both sides of heavy stock, these figures have bases that make them free standing . Also included are firecamps,buffalo, decorated hides and other authentic touches
Reconstruct this accurate and colorful depiction of Indian life and culture. Your boys and girls will surely love it!

This “Easy to Make teepee village b”ook is fascinating! Surely, children would find them educational and fun to put together! Parents and teachers would love it for the purpose of educating. This can also be an easy project for the K through 3rd grader, realistic and accurate enough to be used as a colorful tool for teaching!

Come on! Relive the spirit of the wild and heroic Native American culture and let your kids know about the first Americans that made the unforgettable history of the nineteenth century complete!


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